September 16, 2014

Fall Fashion Wishlist

The Fall weather has been such a tease. The summer is not my favorite time of year, even though sometimes I pretend it is but it's not. I live for the weather between September and February. I love bundling up in sweaters, dark lipstick colors and nail polish, and lighting a candle at night.


Last week the weather in NYC was a tad bit cooler and for once I could wear jeans and not be totally uncomfortable. It's cooling down and I'm ready to swap out all my summer clothes for my fall ones. 

I do have a fair amount of Fall clothes in my wardrobe but not really enough. While in college, I pretty much lived in yoga pants, leggings and my sorority letters. I didn't wear much else to class and on the weekends but then at night, I'd dress up so my nice, comfortable and stylish Fall clothes didn't get much use.

Don't get me wrong, I still wear my sorority letters and leggings around the house and while running errands, of course! I'm wearing them now as I write this blog post but still, I'm 21 years old, out of college and have my own big girl job. I WANT to wear stylish clothes and not hang out in lounge wear all day.

Like I said, I have a fair amount of good quality Fall clothes but hey, I'm a girl and I love shopping (#retailtherapy) and what better time to make new investments in clothing other than the start of a new season?

Here is what I'm lusting after this Fall and some staples I want to incorporate into my wardrobe.

//Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote: I saw Hallie from Corals and Cognacs blog about this little gem as her #NYFW bag and that sold me right then and there. Then I find out the bag is $48? BOOM. It's reversible in many colors? BOOM. I need this bag in my life and I'm praying it doesn't sell out before my next paycheck arrives. I am a tote loving gal and handbags are my bread and butter but I never go with classic leather totes. I'm always reaching for canvas material bags but as a grown up now, I feel that this is appropriate. I'll take the black/cognac color please!

//Ankle Booties: I am such a boot gal; riding boots and Uggs (shame on me, I know) are my favorites and I pretty much live in them for the next few months. I'd like to expand my horizons and get on the ankle bootie trend because I've been seeing them everywhere lately and feel the need to hop on this train. I feel like ankle booties are perfect for a night out or even to wear to work because they have a bit of a heel and I'm not a huge heel lover. They're so versatile and that's what I think I'll love about them. Here are some pairs that I'm loving. 1 2 3

//Plain, chunky sweaters: My favorite Fall look has to be a long, chunky sweater with leggings and a pair of boots, booties or smoking slippers. I have one or two chunky sweaters that can achieve this look but I want more! These are exactly what I'm looking for 1  3

//Ballet Flats: I'm not going to wear boots everyday and even though the weather gets a bit nippy toward November and December, I still love a good ballet flat for the Fall. I go through ballet flats like no ones business (maybe because I wore them to bars and sticky Fraternity basement parties) but I'm in desperate need of them. Send these babies my way: 1 2 3 

//Fun Sweaters: As you could tell I'm big on sweaters. I just love them so much! They look good with anything and you can dress them up or down. Give me all the sweaters! I love the trend of adding some cute sayings and designs. I always loved graphic tees from Delias and Aeropostale when I was younger so this is sort of the grown up version. Wish list items here please: 1 2 3

Honorable mentions: JCrew Herringbone vest , more AE jeans, GiGi NY Clutch and pretty much everything on my Pinterest boards.

What fashion trends are you going to try this Fall? What's on your wishlist? Tell me so I can add more items to mine ;) 

September 15, 2014

#INeedSparkle Meet Sparkle with Khole Kardashian

This post was sponsored by Heaven Hill Distilleries Heaven Hill Family of Brands. Bardstown, KY © 2014

The Kardashians, to me, are the definition of glamorous. Of course they have their moments but they always look stunning, especially my fav girl Khole. 

Khole Kardashian is my all time favorite because she's so stylish, fun, and never tries to be someone she's not.

I love Khole's fashion style; she never looks like she's trying too hard and always seems comfortable in what she's wearing. 

The Kardashians are also always known for their bling. I feel like they are never seen without some sparkle and Khole is not exception to that. She always needs something HUGE, something that sparkles in the sun.

Check out this video where you see how much sparkle Khole needs :)

This video is kind of perfect in the sense that it truly captures what it means to sparkle brightly. I loved the scene in Khole's closet where nothing was suiting her need for sparkle. 

Her style and glam in this video is on point, as always, especially that huge, chunky silver necklace she is wearing in that beginning interview. Where can I get that?

The ending of the video, however, leaves much to the imagination. Who exactly is sparkle? Why is he so important to Khole (other than obvious reasons), and when are we going to be able to meet him? 

Get excited everyone and stick around because you'll be able to find out soon! The reveal video will be posted here on September 25th so don't forget to check it out!

#INeedSparkle, Khole needs sparkle but do you?

September 12, 2014

Links to Love

Welp, another week has passed. September feels like it's flying by and it's been quite the month already. My life is in a weird place right now but like always, I'm just taking it day by day. 

I know I always post such vague updates about my life but even though I'm a blogger, I don't like sharing too much really personal stuff on here. 

Anyways, in the world lots happened. Ray Rice, the iPhone6, 9/11 anniversary and the end of NYFW. Those three don't go together but it's what most people were talking about.

There were SO many things I bookmarked this week. That's how I come up with these links, I'll see something I LOVE, something that moves me or makes me laugh, I bookmark it and then post here. Viola! 

I really love sharing these links with you because like I said, they're things that I feel need to be shared with the world and as a blogger/journalist/social media lady, I'm programmed to share things.

Here we go...

Please share your links you loved with me in the comments! I'd love to read! 

Happy Friday and weekend everyone! 

September 11, 2014

Recent Beauty Hauls

I've been mentioning over the past few weeks that I've bought a hefty amount of beauty products since graduating in May. I went on a bit of a spiral and got into a few fights with my mom about be spending money on frivolous beauty items.

Mind you, almost all of the products were purchased from the drugstore because there are definitely some hidden gems there.

I feel like I've been putting off this post for a while but with Fall coming in, I thought it would finally be a good time to buckle down and finally write this post. 

This isn't my entire beauty routine (that is pretty much the same from a few months ago) but a few of the products that I've purchased in the last few months and whether I like them or not.

//Beauty Blender: This baby has been on my wish list for a good two years now. Beauty gurus and Vloggers everywhere swear by it and I felt like I was the only one missing out on it. I don't wear liquid foundation (I'm going to start though) so I never saw the need for it but then I saw someone on youtube use a Beauty Blender for concealer and my eyes were suddenly paying a lot closer attention. I tried using a dupe from Amazon a few years ago and it just wasn't the same. 

I was in Sephora last weekend, saw it, and knew I needed it. It was definitely an impulse purchase but I couldn't help it. I've been using it all week to apply my concealer and the difference is definitely there. It doesn't crease as easily, it creates a smoother surface and my under eyes look a lot brighter and better. This baby is golden.

//Milani Lipsticks: I received a Milani Lipstick in "Best Red" in my Her Campus Her Conference goodie bag and was surprised at how smooth and pigmented it was. I never wore it because it's the summer and red lips are reserved (for me) for special Fall and Winter occasions. I was bored last week and decided to try it on to see what it was all about. My goodness! The red is so red and so smooth and moisturizing on your lips. It doesn't even really feel like lipstick. I usually stick to lip balms and stains but the Milani lipsticks have changed my life. I went out and bought a nude color in "Teddy Bare" which looks like a more brown, nude on your lips than nude-nude but it's the perfect Fall color. I'm OBSESSED.

//Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer: I started seeing the trend of highlighting your under eye areas and figured that was something I should get into. I read some reviews and decided on my beloved Maybelline. I don't use this as much as I should because I was so tan this summer so it looked weird under my eyes. I also don't think this looked good as a regular concealer but better in addition to another, regular under eye concealer. Adding a little bit of this pink highlighter brightened up your under eye area and concealed dark circles. It's pretty great.

//Covergirl + Olay Eye Rehab Concealer: I was really desperate for a new concealer at the beginning of the summer and just randomly picked this up because it was specifically made for the under-eye area AND it was color correcting. I'm pretty sure that's the kind of concealer I need. Once again, I got too tan this summer to use it a lot but now that I'm a little paler, I've been using it and it's pretty great stuff. I definitely need to utilize it more but from what I see, it does a great job at covering my under eye circles. As for the actual color correcting, I haven't seen too big of a difference but we'll see.

There are some beauty products that I've been loving but which I already reviewed. See them here, here, and here.

September 10, 2014

SibuBeauty: All Natural Review

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own :)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a beauty company, Sibu Beauty, that carries all natural beauty and skincare products.

My skin hasn't been on it's best behavior lately so I was really excited to learn about this company. I thought maybe a skin product using all natural products would help calm my skin (and I was right).

The lovely people at Sibu Beauty were nice enough to send me a bottle of their Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser. It's for all skin types and is all natural so this is a product that everyone can use. 

The cleanser claims too:

-Leave skin looking radiant and refreshed
-Remove excess oil and impurities
-Gentle exfoilation
-Removes makeup
-Non foaming gel formula

I never usually put the descriptions of products in my posts but I did it for a reason. IT'S ALL TRUE! For once, a product is exactly what it claims to be. Seriously, I took notes for the past two weeks while using this cleanser and everything is so true. 

It comes out in the form of a gel serum and has tiny exfoliating beads (which is great for black and white heads, which I'm struggling with) that feel fantastic on your face and really get the oils and excess make-up off your face. 

After I finished washing my face, my skin felt tight and refreshed. It was borderline uncomfortable but I applied some moisturizer to my face and it felt amazing afterwards. The cleanser had a strong citrus smell which is the Sea Buckthorn in it. This berry apparently has "190 bioactive compounds and contains Omega 7 Fatty acids" which are great for your skin. 

The cleanser is all natural, cruelty free, vegan and contains Sea buckthorn and Jojoba oil.

I haven't noticed a superb difference in my skin mostly because I've been using a lot of other skincare products but I have noticed that I haven't had any severe breakouts since using this. I definitely am struggling with white heads and tiny bumps along the side of my chin but nothing crazy.

I use this cleanser mostly at night when I don't want a strong exfoliate. It is a gentle cleanser and doesn't feel harsh on my skin but it still has the exfoliating beads for a deep clean. It's recommended that you don't exfoliate your skin everyday but sometimes I don't play by that rule.

I really don't know what I was expecting with this cleanser but I was pleasantly surprised. It has a fantastic smell, great ingredients, made all naturally, and leaves my skin truly clean and refreshed.

SibuBeauty has a bunch of other all natural products that won't even break the bank. They range from soaps to serums to creams to all natural vitamins. I'm definitely looking into some of them for future purchasing so I'll keep you all updated. 

Have you ever tried SibuBeauty? Do you use all natural beauty products in your daily skin/beauty routine? Tell me what you use in the comments!!

September 9, 2014

Where to Find Inspiration

Sometimes, you really just need to feel inspired. Whether you're having a bad day, have some writers block, or just frustrated in general. Inspiration doesn't need to be for a creative reason, it could be the cure for anything.

Feeling inspired is obviously a great way to boost your creativity, whether you're a blogger or in any other profession. Everyone needs a way to get their creativity out.

But inspiration can be something else. Inspiration can help you get through a tough situation, help you make a tough decision, or can be there for you if you're feeling down about yourself.

I love being inspired, mostly for my blog but for life in general. There is nothing better than being in a bad mood and suddenly having your spirits lifted by something completely random. 

Whenever I'm down (which is often) there are so many things that I do in order to feel better and get inspired. Whenever I'm experiencing some writers block, I sit back and just let my thoughts flow. 

Everyone feels inspired in different ways but these are my favorites:

//Books, Movies, TV: I love curling up with a good book and getting lost in it for a few hours. It takes my mind off of things and sometimes, books are filled with the exact message or quote you need to wake up your mind. Binge watching on Netflix also makes me feel great because I'm so lost in the storylines and characters that I forget everything I was concerned about and I feel refreshed.

//Blogs: This is particularly good for when I have writers block. I'll check my Bloglovin feed or pick a random blog and go through the whole thing. I get ideas for posts, see what other people are doing and it just sparks something.

//Pinterest: This is obvious isn't it? I'm pretty sure everyone feels inspired on Pinterest. I don't even need to explain why.

//Montages: Okay this one is weird but it's one of my favorites. I love logging onto Youtube and searching my favorite TV montages or favorite movie scenes. For example, I love watching the last scene of the Boy Meets World Finale or watching the best moments of Carrie and Mr. Big. Lately I've been really into How I Met Your Mother montages and scenes because um, I'm still obsessed. 

//Horoscopes: YUP. I'm going there. I love reading my horoscope and learning more about my sign. The best cure for anything is an accurate horoscope. I love the Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, and my ultimate favorite--The Daily Horoscope app. My sorority sister got all of my friends obsessed with our horoscopes and now I live and breathe by it. 

//Elite Daily: Just like a Taylor Swift song, there is an Elite Daily article for every mood. Nothing is better than reading something written by someone else and having it be exactly what you needed to hear. Sometimes I read such an accurate article, I feel like I wrote it myself. 

What do you do to inspire myself? Tell me in the comments so I could learn more!

September 8, 2014

What's in my Work Bag

Being part of the real world is actually kind of scary. I feel like I've been living a lie for the past month and it's really weird. I've had weird epiphanies lately where this doesn't feel like my life because it's all so new and strange.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it though. Of course I miss college and it sucks seeing my under grad friends having the time of their life on campus while I'm at home, alone.

Having an actual job is weird. I can't even explain it and I don't know when I'll get used to it but it's just odd. And I love it.

It's surreal that I have a job, in my field, in Manhattan. People dream of that and I'm lucky enough to do it. It's awesome!

With a big girl job comes big girl work essentials. Being in an office all day, you need things that you would probably have at home. I'm also a complete bag lady and I carry around everything and anything with me.

I like to be prepared at all times so my bag is always filled with work day essentials.

//Laptop + chargers: I bring my own laptop to work so of course it's important. I also carry laptop chargers, iPhone charger and my earbuds. Listening to music (Beyonce and Billy Joel Pandora are my favs) helps me focus while I work so definitely need those earbuds!

//Bobble Water bottle: Reusable water bottles are my saving grace. I drink ridiculous amounts of water on a daily basis and these keep it cold and fresh. It's perfect for work because I could refill it anywhere and the bottle filters the water so it's safe to drink. It's impossible for me to get through a day without this bad boy.

// EOS Lip balm: My lips get pretty chapped during the day and sometimes, just out of habit and to do something to distract me I apply lip balm. It makes me feel refreshed, as strange as that sounds, and keeps my lips hydrated. Right now, EOS is my favorite lip balm but I always switch between a few. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are my other favorite.

//Colorful Pens: I love my Poppin pens from the Her Campus Survival Kit I received last year. These pink gel pens make any work more enjoyable. It's fun to look at and write in bright colors. It's the little things in life.

//Planners + Notebooks: I need my planner at work because it's a force of habit. Whether it's remembering to do something, having a meeting with someone, or jotting down an idea or to-do that I realize I have to do at home. I need my planner, always. I also bring a legal pad and a notebook with me because it's essential for me at work. I need it to brainstorm ideas and take notes in meetings.  Cute notebooks make everything better.

//Snack Bars: When I get hungry, I get hungry, immediately. A few weeks ago I almost passed out on the train because I was so hungry. It's a problem and I'm always prepared. I keep at least 3 snack/granola bars with me at all times just incase I feel super hungry.

//Misc: Anything from Post It notes, Advil, Midol, and business cards. I keep a lot of random nothings in my bag because I love being prepared.

I carry a heavy bag on a daily basis, probably why my back is always in so much pain. The pain is worth being prepared in my case ;)

What do you keep in your work/everyday bag? Tell me in the comments!